Behind The Scars is a photography campaign that celebrates scars of all shapes and sizes, and the incredible stories behind them. The series is photographed by Sophie Mayanne and began in April 2017. Since then, Mayanne has captured over 300 scar portraits and stories – encouraging many men, women and children all over the world to embrace the skin they are in. The campaign is aiming to capture 1,000 different scar stories in total. The captured portraits are both beautiful and empowering, running alongside moving stories that capture each sitters unique, raw and emotionally fraught experiences. From surgical scars, to accidents – each photo is an act of defiance, self love, worth and positivity.


I am currently working on a website dedicated to the series. In the meantime, please visit @behindthescars_ on Instagram for new stories from the series.

Please direct any media requests via email.